What is community-based teaching?

What is community-based teaching?

Community-based teaching is pedagogical approach that connects students and faculty with activities that address community-identified goals through mutually beneficial partnerships that deepen students’ academic and civic learning.

Community-based teaching and learning takes many forms, including:

Service-learning: Students complete volunteer work for a community organization that supports and enhances classroom learning, often through the use of specially designed reflective activities and discussion. At UVA, some faculty members work with Madison House to find volunteer opportunities for their students.

Community-engaged teaching: Faculty, students, and community partners co-design and complete projects that address goals as defined by community stakeholders. Community-engaged faculty prioritize co-production, equity, authenticity, and mutuality in the classroom and community. The Equity Center at UVA promotes community-engaged teaching as one way to support its mission of redressing racial and economic inequity in Charlottesville.

Public impact research, forms of clinical practicum (like the UVA Patient Student Partnership), capstone service projects, and other discipline-specific curricular activities that bring faculty and students together with community members to address mutual goals.

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